Hey, I'm Winston!

I'm a Sr. Front End Engineer with 8 years experience in web industry.

I'm currently searching for 10-15 hours a week of moonlighting work.

I am perfectly comfortable jumping into legacy, dusty codebases to do maintenance, but I also work regularly in modern single-page, modular apps. I love the challenge of responsive web design and I've spent time doing accessibility remediation for major corporations (I also helped write and build Vox Media's Accessibility Guidelines).

I currently (happily) work at Vox Media on the revenue products team. I'm seeking moonlighting work for fun and new challenges. If you have a project that could use a little bit of senior help, I'd love to chat. My hourly rate is $120, but if the project is well-scoped I can discuss project-based pricing.

Send me an email if you're looking for devs, I'd love to chat.